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It is a well-known fact that packing appeared in great antiquity. First it was plaited baskets, and then Chinese invented clay capacities, ancient Egyptians created glass vessels.

Development of art processing of metal by Tatars since XVI century comprised household goods which also can be considered as kinds of packing: vessels for water, dishes, trays,, etc.

Processing of metal was one of the most ancient kinds of art creativity by Tatars.

A good deal of products of art metal was represented in processing of household subjects, ornaments, the weapon, horse equipments. The following types of metal served as a material for their manufacturing: copper, bronze, silver, less often - gold which were processed by technical equipment} of molding, stampings and punching, stampings, engravings (a high and low relief).

In the modern world, to replace expensive and labor-consuming packing materials, there came to be more universal and practical ones: skin, fabric, wood, ceramics, glass, paper, and plastic, tin.

Tin is a material which helps to prolong a period of storage of a product, to save contents at transportation. But it is traditional qualities of the given packing.

Assortment of our enterprise includes not only tin cans of various standard sizes, but also special-designed tin trays, panel, plates. The high-quality raw material and materials are used for manufacture of tin production. All production is issued according to specifications and provided with certificates.

Today JSC “Khiton” offers its clients to make an object out of usual tin cans that will not only draw attention of the buyer to your product, but will also remind of your enterprise and the goods. In fact tin can is a practical thing. It is seldom utilized after its contents end up. It is usually in facilities for a long time.

JSC “Khiton” has wide experience and capacities for manufacture of reliable, beautiful souvenir tin cans: decoration of tin souvenir production at the enterprise has deep historical roots leaning on art ornamental traditions and principles of polychromy, and also new tendencies of our time.

We can offer a wide choice of standard sizes, high-quality printing (4-6 color). At customer’s request we make products with individual design, with an opportunity of printing a trade mark properties.

Tin souvenir cans are very popular both with manufacturers of food and other production.

Please, see “Souvenir production” fore more information.


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